Overview / Mission Statement- Rental Properties and Property Management Customized and Simplified

Southern Shores & Services was formed to create a unique, customized, subscription service, allowing each property owner, renter or other client, the opportunity to pick and choose their level of service and related expense. Each member of our staff is dedicated to ensuring your experiences exceeds your expectations. 


Larry Imely

Shannel Mett
VP Operations & Cleaning Services

Bryna Whiteherse
VP Marketing & Sales

Why Southern Shores & Services?

Concierge-Level Service

Each client or renter will have an assigned concierge as a primary contact, to ensure there is always a single point of contact, regardless of the service needed.

Subscription, Menu-Driven Services

Each client or renter will be offered a base level of service and a series of other services they can subscribe to, depending upon need or desire. This provides every participant the ability to pick and choose services that apply to their property or vacation rental.

Loyalty Card

Each client or renter will be offered a Triple S Loyalty Card. Treasuring clients as we do, we want to reward participants who utilize our services and rent from us, and will provide future rewards in the form of discounts and special offers for goods and services in the area.

Southern Shores & Services was created to provide rental properties, property management services, and cleaning services to potential vacationers and homeowners in the Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach Area.