Overview / Mission Statement- Rental Properties and Property Management Customized and Simplified

Southern Shores & Services was formed to create a unique, customized, subscription service, allowing each property owner, renter or other client, the opportunity to pick and choose their level of service and related expense. Each member of our staff is dedicated to ensuring your experiences exceeds your expectations. 


Larry Imely

Shannel Mett
VP Operations & Cleaning Services

Bryna Whiteherse
VP Marketing & Sales

Why Southern Shores & Services?

Concierge-Level Service

Each client or renter will have an assigned concierge as a primary contact, to ensure there is always a single point of contact, regardless of the service needed.

Subscription, Menu-Driven Services

Each client or renter will be offered a base level of service and a series of other services they can subscribe to, depending upon need or desire. This provides every participant the ability to pick and choose services that apply to their property or vacation rental.

Southern Shores & Services offers a wide variety of rental properties and vacation homes for prospective travelers. Southern Shores provides various services and pricing structures specific to each potential renter.

Base Services:

  1. Build a plan for maximizing property rentals, i.e., Short Term, or Long Term. This would include how it is advertised or promoted and related expenses.
  2. Providing a monthly report on property inquiries and usage, as well as responses on what renters liked and did not like regarding the property and the stay.
  3. Providing a checklist (including inventory) before and after a property is rented. Obtaining and holding a deposit from renters to release only after property has been inspected and no issues found.
  4. Advising clients of issues within the property (broken dishwasher, leaking toilet, etc.) and providing them options/costs on methods to address.
  5. Create a rating system on properties compared to others and recommendations for upgrading the property to increase rental income.

Concierge Services:

  1. Filming services. Filming the property before and after every stay to ensure no issues with the property by previous renter.
  2. Deodorizing the facility on a frequent or scheduled basis. Ensure freshness. Periodic cleaning of the HVAC system and filter replacement.
  3. Painting or specific cleaning services for areas not normally addressed in housekeeping services (i.e., moving furniture, cleaning closets, removing film from shower doors, carpet and couch upholstery, etc.).
  4. Minor fixes such as holes in the wall, torn pillows, frayed carpeting, etc.
  5. Regular spray for insects.
  6. Inspection of all working mechanical items, such as refrigerators, A/C, hot water heaters, etc.
  7. Stocking refrigerators/purchasing groceries.
  8. Airport Pickup & Dropoff.


We charge a base price for the basic services listed, and each concierge service can be selected for an additional charge. Property Owners will help decide their own pricing scheme, and will receive a discount for signing up for a minimum of two years at the outset.