Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services 

Southern Shores & Services offers cleaning services to a variety of clients in the Northeast Florida Corridor. These services include:

Residential (Homes, Condos, & Villas)

  1. Weekly or monthly cleaning on a contractual basis.
  2. Choice of products utilized or provided (allergy sensitivities).
  3. Scheduled In-depth detailed cleaning.
  4. Review of HVAC systems, drains, garbage disposal, sinks, toilets, washing machines, and dryers.
  5. Lights inspected and replaced.
  6. Thermostat settings verified to be at owners or renters requirements.

Vacation Rentals (Homes, Condos, & Villas)

  1. Arrival and departure cleaning services.
  2. Mid-stay cleaning services.
  3. Linens, sheets, towels, toiletries, & related products (allergy sensitive) provided upon request.

Commercial (Offices & Related Facilities)

  1. Office and related cleaning on a scheduled or contracted basis. Format requirements customized. 
  2. Deep, extensive cleaning on a customized format. Choice of cleaning products.

Post Construction (Recently Built Condos, Homes, & Villas)

  1. Ensure elimination of dust, dirt, and related construction debris.
  2. Vacuum of HVAC system. 
  3. Cleaning of multiple surfaces with requested products (allergy sensitive).
  4. Cleaning of all sinks, toilets, & related frequent use utilities.

All cleaning services will be continually inspected and audited to ensure specific services were provided as requested. Reports will be filed electronically and made available to the client digitally. Photos will be provided upon request.